Guitar music at the End of the Century.

he debut CD of Denver young virtuoso Jeff LaQuatra includes an evocative and engaging collection of music written during the last third of the 20th Century. Featuring Iznaola's Three Little Pieces and the world-premiere recordings of Stepán Rak's Twilight and James McGuire's Suite No. 1 in Popular Style.

"[Twilight] is a first-class debut album"
Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

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About Jeff LaQuatra

uitarist Jeff LaQuatra was the first prize- winner in the 1996 Oswald Rantucci Guitar Competition in Buffalo, New York. He has also won top prize in competitions sponsored by the Fortnightly Music Club of Cleveland (Ohio) and the Three Acts Club of Lakewood.
Born and raised in Brook Park, Ohio, Jeff began classical guitar studies in his early teens at the Cleveland Institute of Music under the direction of John Holmquist. After receiving is bachelor of music degree from CIM with honors, Jeff moved to Denver to continue graduate studies at the University of Denver. He served as a graduate teaching assistant to Ricardo Iznaola.
Jeff divides his time equally as a performer and a teacher. He appears regularly as a soloist and as a member of various chamber music ensembles. He has performed with Central City Opera and the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra. Jeff is on the music faculty of Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado.

"A guitarist of enormous talent, both musically and technically ... A name to watch out for."
— Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

Track Listing

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James McGuire Suite No. 2 in Popular Style: Prelude
Suite No. 2 in Popular Style: Dance
  Suite No. 2 in Popular Style: Canzonet
  Suite No. 2 in Popular Style: Intermezzo
  Suite No. 2 in Popular Style: Finale (Gigue)
Stepán Rak Twilight
Ricardo Iznaola Three Little Tales: Tom-Thumb's Ballad
  Three Little Tales: Dragonslayer
  Three Little Tales: Alice's Rumba
Gilbert Biberian Prelude No. 1, "Tombeau"
  Prelude No. 2, "Arabesques"
  Prelude No. 3, "Las Campanelas"
  Prelude No. 4, "Colombine"
James McGuire Suite No. 1 in Popular Style: Prelude
  Suite No. 1 in Popular Style: Bittersweet
  Suite No. 1 in Popular Style: May Dance
  Suite No. 1 in Popular Style: Canzone
  Suite No. 1 in Popular Style: Vals Latino
Jaime M. Zenamon Hommage á Maurice Ravel: Flexible-tranquillo
  Hommage á Maurice Ravel: Lento e molto inspirato
  Hommage á Maurice Ravel: Vivo
Nikita Koshkin Guitar
  Usher Waltz, Op. 29
Notes & Credits

Code: IGW 22879
Recording Date: September 26–28, 2002 - St. Stanislaus Church (Cleveland, Ohio)
Release Date: 2003
Producer and Digital Editor: Alan Bise
Recording Engineer: Bruce Egre
Project Manager: Victoria Brandys
Cover Art: Patricia Aaron
Photography: Monico Cambelaria
Design: C.J. Max Art (Littleton, Colorado)