1927: Spanish Guitar Music From the Time of García Lorcahe exciting music in this CD was written by composers who were contemporaries of the great Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, whose centennial was celebrated in 1998. This is an indispensable addition to the record collections of those that admired Mr. Iznaola's pioneering world-premiere recording of the Sonata by Antonio José, another member of this generation of Spanish Artists known as Generation of 1927.

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Regino Sainz de la Maza Zapateado
  El Vito
  Canciones Castellanas
Adolfo Salazar Romancillo
Rodolfo Halffter Giga
Gustavo Pittaluga Elegía. Homenaje para la tumba de Murnau
  Homenaje a Mateo Albéniz
Rosa García Ascot Española
Julián Bautista Preludio
Eduardo Sainz de la Maza Habanera
  Homenaje a Toulouse-Lautrec
  La Paloma
  Colorado Trail
  Campanas del Alba
Notes & Credits

Note: This is a pure acoustic digital recording. No signal processing or reverberation has been used.

Code: IGW 22876
Recording Date: July 26-27, 1996
Release Date: 1997
Recorded, edited and mastered at The Piano Salon Studios, Old Forge, Avening (Gloucestershire, England)
Recording Engineer: William "Dickie" Bird
Produced by William Bird and Ricardo Iznaola
Project Coordinator: Victoria Brandys
Cover Art: C.J. Max Art (Littleton, Colorado)
Cover Photo: Warren Diggles (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Guitar by Robert Ruck (1995)


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